Begin Your Real Estate Journey!

Congratulations on considering a career in real estate! This can be an incredibly rewarding career – you are tasked with helping people in what is often the largest financial transaction of their lives. It’s an immense responsibility which sometimes demands long hours and crazy schedules. It can also give you financial freedom and the flexibility to set your own schedule to meet the needs of your family, take vacations, volunteer, or whatever else is important to you.

We’ll be honest – a real estate career is not for everyone. However we believe that nearly anyone can be successful in real estate if you’re truly motivated and willing to put in the time and energy. It does takes time and energy to be successful so we’re going to discuss all the potential rewards AND drawbacks up front and then it’s up to you.

WRA Pre-License Education Course


Team or Independent?

Once you’re licensed, your first decision is to whether work as an independent agent or apply to join a team.  Here’s some of the differences between both.

Create your own brandUse team brand
Decided on and purchase your own marketing materials, supplies, etc.Team provides marketing materials & signs
Choose your own systems & business strategyTeam provides systems and business procedures
Responsible for brokerage feesResponsible for brokerage fees and team split
More money per transactionMore total transactions and take home more money in total
Brokerage trainingsBrokerage and team trainings
Find your own leadsTeam provides leads

How Do I Begin?

In Wisconsin, obtaining your real estate license is relatively easy. Just follow the steps!


1.  Complete PreLicense Education

  • Offered at a discounted rate of $195Sign up here and books will be shipped directly to you!  Typically close to $400 ($325 + tax, books & shipping)

2.  Pass Real Estate Salesperson examination

  • Real Estate exams are administered by PearsonVue on a pass/fail basis.  You’re eligible to register for the exam when you complete your pre-license education.  Cost is $70.

3.  Submit application to DSPS.

  • Requires proof of education, proof of exam and $75 credentialing fee.
  • Applications may take 1-3 weeks to process.  While you’re waiting, we’re happy for you to begin our mentorship program so you’re ready to meet clients as soon as your license is approved!

4.  Choose a Brokerage and Join MLS.

  • As a real estate agent, you will need to choose a brokerage to work with and then join the appropriate real estate board and Multiple Listing Service in your area.  Please visit “What’s Next” for further details.

After Your License – Learn What Comes Next….


WRA Pre-License Education Course