The 100% real estate commission model is designed to let you control your own money and put it to work in the best way possible for you.  In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to take a careful look at where your money is going and what it is doing for you.  

In the traditional real estate model, brokerages charge their real estate agents a monthly fee (sometimes called a technology fee or a desk fee), a commission split, a transaction fee and E&O insurance. Fees vary greatly but a common arrangement for some is $150/mth, 60/40 commission split (you get 60% of each commission), a $295 transaction fee and $600 annual E&O. Most also have a “cap” of some type so after you pay in enough commission (around $23,000), you won’t owe any additional commission split for the year.  Until recently, this was the model all real estate brokerages used so it was just a matter of finding the lowest cap.

There is another way. 

The 100% real estate commission model has changed everything.  In this option, the agent gets 100% of the entire commission. You might wonder, what’s the catch?  

At Big Block Midwest – No catch.

With Big Block Midwest you pay an onboarding fee of $99 when you join, an affiliation fee of $3,000 per year (monthly or per transaction options available as well – view plans here) and a transaction fee of $250/transaction which caps after 40 annual closings. E&O insurance is just $395/yr.  You’ll NEVER pay the brokerage more than $13,000/yr even if you’re a top producer!

How much money does 100% commission really save me?

Let’s compare a typical 60/40 split model with 100% commission. We’ll assume you sell 1 average priced house and the commission is $7,500.

Traditional Model

  • 60/40 commission split = $3000
  • Transaction Fee ($295/closing) = $295
  • Your Take Home = $4250

100% Commission Model

  • Transaction Fee ($250/closing) = $250
  • Your Take Home = $7250

Now let’s compare if you sell 8 of those homes per year, for a total of $60,000 in commissions.

Traditional Model

  • Monthly fee ($150/mth) = $1800/yr
  • 60/40 commission split = $24,000
  • E&O Insurance = $595
  • Transaction fees ($295/closing) = $2360
  • Total Fees = $28,755
  • Your Take Home = $31,245

100% Commission Model

  • Affiliation fee = $3,000/yr
  • Commission split = 0
  • E&O Insurance = $395
  • Transaction Fees ($250/closing) = $2,000
  • Total Fees = $5,395
  • Your Take Home = $54,605

What About Teams?

Many team leaders struggle to find a successful model which does not overcharge AND which allows them to recruit and retain good agents. In a traditional brokerage model, the brokerage has a disincentive to build teams. They make 2-4x more money from single agents than team agents.  

With the 100% commission model, the brokerage nets the same amount regardless of whether an agent is team or individual. Therefore the brokerage will help teams recruit if requested and will suggest that prospective new agents join a team when it appears to be a good fit for both.

All 100% Commission models are not created equal.

Other 100% commission brokerages may run on a bare-bones platform. They don’t offer any support, services or training and have a philosophy that “we don’t charge you much, you don’t ask us for much.” They often charge a high monthly fee and/or a high transaction fee which doesn’t cap.

Big Block Midwest’s Philosophy

At Big Block Midwest, we believe a 100% commission model should also provide 100% of the support you want, 100% of the training you need and 100% great people to work with!  Our dedicated Agent Concierge will help you getting your business set up & running, schedule showings, input & maintain your listings, help order signs, troubleshoot technical issues and generally do whatever they can to help you succeed.

Rather than provide a one-size-fits-all technology package of what we think you should use, we provide the essentials and then work with you to determine what avenue you will take with your career and find tools that match your strengths and abilities.

Monthly brokerage meetings always include breakfast and a great speaker to be sure you stay up to date with the market.  For newer agents, we have a comprehensive mentoring program to help you get started.  And of course, we like to have fun! Whether that’s grilling out on the office patio or taking a cruise on the lakes in summer.   


100% Commission is a model which is successful for brand new agents, for established, consistent producers and for high-producing teams.  New agents typically choose the “per transaction” plan and then join a team or enroll in the mentoring program until they are comfortable in the business. Established agents who know they will close more than 3-4 closings in a year tend to prefer the monthly or annual plan.  Team Leaders choose the annual plan and love our model because the brokerage will help to recruit for your team when you’re ready to grow.

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